How to complete 5055? 5055 is easy to execute

  • You can refer 5055 manual
  • Learn the setup guidelines
  • Then choose the settings, wireless setup wizard
  • Answer the wizard guidelines one by one
  • Type the network SSID and Password
  • Wait for the network connection to be active
  • Finally, add Windows or Mac computer to start printing
  • 5055 is now complete 5055 –Driver Installation

  • To install the driver, visit the driver download tab
  • Type the Printer name and wait for the search results to appear
  • Choose the driver
  • Finally use the option, Download
  • After downloading the setup file to the preferred folder
  • To proceed with the installation, tap on the setup file 5055 -Printer offline issue

To troubleshoot HP Envy 5055 Printer offline issue, find the commands below

  • You can run a quick scan using HP Print and Scan doctor tool
  • Choose the appropriate settings to bring back HP Envy 5055 Printer online If the errors remain
  • Device restart or reset can also help to fix the offline error. Refer the setup manual to find the appropriate reset settings


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