HP Envy 7645 Manual

Let us begin HP Envy 7645 setup and it’s time to download 123.hp.com/setup 7645 manual. Recommend you to read and understand the instructions. Collect the requirements and the steps will be much easier. If you are in search of a device to get excellent print results, HP Envy 7645 is always our suggestion

Make a note that HP Envy 7645 setup instructions differ for both Windows and Mac. Hence analyze the device version before you proceed

Complete the setup right away to begin you print jobs

HP Envy 7645 Setup

What are the Essential Requirements for 123.hp.com/setup 7645?

The essential requirements for 123.hp.com/setup 7645 are here

  • Cables to connect the device (Power and Ethernet cable)
  • Software download webpage
  • Software installation CD
  • Troubleshooting guidelines to get rid of errors
  • Mobile printing apps

Instructions to Complete HP Envy 7645 Setup

If the model is brand new, remove the protective tapes and place the paper in the paper input tray

Step 1

Power up the device: Connect one end of the cable to the device and another end to the power adaptor

Step 2

Connect USB and Ethernet cable if required

Note: Make sure that you use good quality cables compatible with HP

Step 3

Insert the cartridge: Open the cartridge access door and make sure that you fix it to the appropriate port and do not touch the electrical contact points. Wipe the cartridge surface with a cloth or distilled water to ensure that no dust or smears accumulate

Step 4

Connect the device to the network: Both wired and wireless options are available. Selecting the wireless connection method is better to obtain an excellent output

If auto wireless connect feature is  available, use it to activate the connection automatically


Software installation guide

  • It’s time to update the matching software for HP Envy 7645 model
  • As you have multiple methods, select the most compatible method
  • Most often customers prefer to download from the webpage and it’s required to enter the device name and the operating system version
  • Get the search results and you can use the option or tab Download to complete the process
  • Verify that the version that you download is the latest, else uninstall and proceed to update the matching version
  • If windows are your version, automatic software update settings are available
  • For Mac version, use the driver easy tool and the software update is automatic
 Execute the wireless setup wizard
  • Go to the Settings > Network and choose the option, wireless setup wizard
  • You will receive a prompt to answer the instructions one by one

Troubleshoot HP Envy 7645 setup errors

Resolve the errors at the earliest, else your Print, scan, copy and fax jobs will interrupt

  • Read and understand 123.hp.com/setup 7645 setup instructions clearly
  • Also, ensure that the software version  is the latest
  • Always use the high-speed Internet connection
  • Device restart or reset can also help to get rid of most of the setup issues
  • It is also advisable to scan your device using the  scan tools
  • Do not allow your Printer to go offline. Visit the appropriate settings to turn the Printer back online
  • If the errors persist, you can replace the  device with a new or alternate one
  • To avoid network issues, check the network credentials (username and password)
  • Mobile printing errors can be resolved to check the app compatibility
  • If it is a scan error, check the scan software compatibility

You are done with the troubleshooting and if the errors do not resolve, purchase a new model. Before you buy, it’s important to check the reviews

Explore the most innovative features before you buy

The top features of the model include  the compatible touch screen, document feeder to feed the documents, HP instant Ink program to save your  Ink, mobile printing options such as  ePrint, USB port, paper input tray to hold around 125 sheets, copy, scan and Fax options, print speed of 2.6 pages per minute  and much more

Start printing and you can use the Print settings or the mobile Printing apps such as AirPrint or ePrint.

For 123 HP Com Setup guidance, read the instructions available on our webpage. Call our team of customer support techies @ +1-888-214-1820.

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