How to SET UP HP envy 4500 printer and begin the Print jobs?

Here is the best printer, HP envy 4500 to print your documents in good quality. If your Envy 4500 Printer model is brand new, complete the setup to proceed with the Print jobs. Let us explain the setup process and guidelines to print using HP envy 4500 printer

The printer arrives with top features such as Print resolution of 1200 * 600 dpi for mono and 4800 * 1200 dpi for color, Print speed of 17 ppm for color and 21 ppm for black, Inkjet print technology, and Monthly duty cycle of 1000 pages. These features ensure outstanding printing performance

Setup HP envy 4500 printer to start printing

Hardware setup

  • To setup HP envy 4500 printer, unpack the printer
  • Take out the protective tapes that surround the Printer
  • Connect the necessary cables
  • Then make certain that the connections are secure
  • If yes, go to the Printer control panel
  • Find the appropriate network settings

Network setup

  • We recommend choosing WPS or Wireless setup wizard to activate the network
  • To begin WPS setup, press and hold the wireless icon on your Printer and WPS icon on your Router
  • Now access the wireless setup menu
  • Select WPS Pin or Push button mode
  • If you prefer WPS pin mode, choose the appropriate settings and go forward with the guidelines to generate WPS pin
  • Enter the Pin accessing the Router configuration utility tool
  • Wait until the connection is active
  • You can also choose the WPS push button mode to establish the network
  • Install the compatible Printer driver
  • Then add your Computer
    • If you are using a Windows computer, go to the settings, Devices, and Printers and choose HP Envy 4500 printer from the list of network-connected printers
    • Mac users can go to the System Preference Settings and click on the icon, Printers, and Scanners to select and add your Printer
  • HP Envy 4500 printer setup is complete

How to print on HP envy 4500 printer?

If you are ready to print your documents using HP envy 4500 printer, here we explain the guidelines

  • Turn HP envy 4500 printer ON
  • Establish the network connection
  • Choose the display and language settings
  • From your computer, select the document to print
  • Add HP envy 4500 printer from the list of network-connected printers that appear on your device screen
  • Access the Print Menu
  • Set the Print preference settings such as number of copies, print resolution and paper size
  • Then click on the Print icon  and follow the on-screen guidelines to complete the Print jobs
  • Check the print speed, quality before proceeding with the remaining Print jobs

How to print using Airprint on HP envy 4500 Printer?

Airprint, the mobile printing technology enables printing from Mac or Ios devices without installing the Printer specific drivers. It’s easy to print using Airprint. You can find the step by step guidelines here

  • At first confirm that your Mobile device, Printer supports Airprint feature
  • If yes, install the Airprint app on your mobile device
  • Open the Air print app
  • Choose the document to print and scroll down to the Print icon
  • Select and add the Air print enabled HP envy 4500 Printer
  • Click on the print icon
  • Choose the option,Airprint
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the Print jobs

How to print on both sides using HP envy 4500 Printer?

You can print on both sides using the Duplex printing feature on HP envy 4500 Printer

  • Access the Printing software installed on your device
  • Make sure that HP envy 4500 Printer is connected to the device
  • Select the document to print
  • Click on the option, Print
  • Access the property dialogue box
  • Find and enable duplex print settings to print on both sides

How to resolve printing issues on HP envy 4500 printer?

Errors are common while proceeding with the Print jobs using HP envy 4500 printer. It’s essential to fix the errors to print without any interruption. Here we suggest the common troubleshooting tips to resolve Printing issues

  • Verify the Print settings as the first step
  • Use original ink cartridges
  • Check the hardware connection
  • Clean the dust or smears on the cartridge surface before printing
  • Make sure that your Printer, Computer is connected to high-speed network before printing
  • Confirm that your Printer, Computer is not in offline mode before Printing your documents
  • Update the Printer driver. You can find the compatible driver by visiting the HP driver download portal
  • Check the Ink levels before Printing
  • Ensure that the paper is placed properly into the paper input tray
  • Use high-quality paper brand for printing your documents using HP envy 4500 printer
  • Learn how to print on HP envy 4500before execution
  • Delete the running print jobs and start printing again
  • Its recommended to avoid printing multiple documents at the same time

If you require any assistance to print on HP envy 4500, please reach out to our HP printer customer support experts right away


What are the paper brands compatible to print using HP envy 4500?

To ensure good quality printing, it’s essential to use good quality paper. To print your documents using HP envy 4500 printer, we suggest the paper brands such as HP Advanced photo paper, HP premium plus photo paper, HP Everyday photo paper, HP premium presentation Paper, and HP brochure paper

Why is my envy 4500 printer not PRINTING?

Printing issues on HP envy 4500 printer occurs due to

  • Print settings errors
  • Low Ink level
  • Cartridge error
  • Network issue
  • Software error
  • Hardware error
  • Printer offline issue

What to do if my HP envy 4500 printer is not connecting to the network?

If your HP envy 4500 printer is not connecting to the network, analyze the error code and select the appropriate troubleshooting guidelines to begin execution. Find the troubleshooting guidelines here to resolve network issues

  • Print a network configuration test report and verify the network settings
  • Verify the Wireless network SSID and Password used
  • Make certain that the printer software is up to date
  • Disconnect your HP envy 4500 printer, computer from the network and connect back again

How do i download and install HP envy 4500 printer driver?

It’s essential to download the compatible printer driver to operate HP envy 4500 and perform the print jobs. To begin the software download process, follow the steps below

  • Go to the driver download portal
  • Access the driver search tab
  • Enter the printer name or version and wait until the driver search results appear
  • Choose the compatible driver
  • Then click on the option, download
  • After moving the driver set file to the required folder
  • Tap on the setup file
  • Then execute the onscreen instructions to complete the driver installation