How to connect hp printer to wifi

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Unboxing and setup Hp laserjet series to Wifi

  • At first, unbox the printer and remove all the foam supports and documents from the box.
  • Take the printer and all the components out of the box and then start removing all the packing tapes from the printer.
  • Lift the scanner lid and remove foam package or packing tape. And then, open the cartridge access door, pull out the toner, remove the orange plastic, and slide in the toner cartridge.
  • Once you finish and close the printer assembly door, please get to the input tray and then squeeze the paper guides and slide it to the end of the paper tray sides.
  • Load the paper and adjust the paper guide according to the paper. You can load up to 150 papers at the same time.
  • Now extend the paper out tray and plug in the power cable with the printer and the other end to the power source and turn it on.
  • After that, open the browser on your mobile or laptop and search for Enter your printer model and download the hp smart on your device.
  • Have the network router close to the printer and your computer. Now install the HP smart software on your computer and click continue.
  • Make sure the model found on your computer the correct one that you have. Follow the remaining onscreen prompts to complete the installation.
  • When prompted, connect your printer to the computer using the USB cable. Under wireless configuration, utility click next and select automatic to detect the wireless network enter the credentials, and connecting the printer to the network.
  • If your printer has a touch control panel, go to the setting and network setting on it. Select your network and enter the credentials to establish the internet connection.
  • Finally, the query of set up and how to connect hp printer to wifi for a Hp laserjet printer is resolved.


Set up HP Deskjet printer series

  • Firstly, set up your Deskjet printer and connect the hp printer to wifi, unpack, and prepare the inbox supplies. You get a setup poster, user guide, and other reference materials.
  • Remove the printer and the USB power cord from the box. Remove all the plastic and the blue tape from the printer.
  • Then open the output tray and the ink cartridge access door. Grab the power cord, connect your printer to a power source, and press the power button to turn on your printer.
  • Now open the ink cartridge, remove the tape, install the cartridge, slide it into the slots, and close the cartridge access door.
  • Open your printer input tray. Load a stack of plain white paper into the input tray.
  • Now getting to the part of how to connect hp printer to wifi. You can see the wifi button with white light. Press the button once, and the light turns off, and wifi directs it on. So now you need the printer password, press the information button on the printer.
  • The printer prints out the first copy. Look for the wifi icon on the print copy. You will find the wifi password along with the printer name.
  • Now open the web browser on your phone or PC and search for Enter your printer model number and download the HP smart. And follow the installation prompts.
  • You can see the printer name on the available wifi connection. Click and enter the password that you see on the print copy without missing any special characters.
  • Once you complete it, open the hp smart and add your printer to that. Connect hp printer to wifi using wifi direct on your Deskjet printer.


HP Tank printer wireless printer

  • To begin with, unbox the printer and remove all the supplies from the box. You can see the inks and user guide, USB connector, and ink cartridges.
  • Remove all the blue tapes from the printer after pulling the printer out from the box.
  • Now open the printer front door and take one of the ink bottles and set it upside down on the ink tank spout. Allow the bottle to drain. Repeat the same to all the other colors.
  • Now open the printhead access door and install the cartridge by sliding it into the right slot and close the access door.
  • Pull out the input tray and load the papers and adjust the paper guides.
  • After that, on touch screen models, touch ok, and in non-touch models, an A displays on the control panel and prints out the alignment page.
  • Lift the scanner and place the alignment page and close the lid. Touch scan or the start black copy button to align the printer.
  • Now open the web browser and search for and enter the printer model number and click next.
  • Download the HP smart and install the software on your computer and follow the prompts to complete the installation.
  • On your printer’s control panel, touch the gear icon for settings, then touch the network restore settings.
  • Again jump on to the computer to complete the printer set up. Enter the wifi password when it prompts you to. Tap allow on the touch screen.
  • After finishing the following setup process, your how to connect the hp printer to the wifi setup is answered.

Also, the wireless printing facility helps you take prints of whatever you need and from anywhere you need. You’ll also be notified on your smartphone through the application for scanning, printing, and everything it does.

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