HP LaserJet Pro M203dw Driver Download and Setup Process

HP laserjet pro M203dw

For setting up your HP laserjet pro M203dw printer on a wireless network you have to install HP LaserJet Pro M203dw driver and the software from the 123.hp.com/ljprom203dw. When you get the prompt during the installation choose the wireless as the type of connection.

HP laserjet pro M203dw Driver

Download and install the HP laserjet pro M203dw driver

Start downloading and installing the latest version of the HP LaserJet Pro m203dw Driver software from the HP site.

  • If you find the appearance of the auto-wireless connect screen at the time of installation utilizes the complete wireless setup. You can also follow the guidelines for the installation of the software to finish the setup.
  • Detach any of the USB cables from the printer.
  • Visit the HP support site and then press the download option to run the HP Easy Start.
  • When you get the prompt choose the printer and tap My printer is not shown.
  • The screen printer not found will display.
  • Press continue and then choose the wireless network.
  • Tap continue and then go along with the instructions on the screen to set up the printer on the wireless network.

Install the software for HP laserjet pro M203dw

Before you begin the installation select the method for it. The following information will aid you to choose the installation method to utilize.

  • With the assistance of the CD which is a quick and simple way, you can download the software.
  • When you download the printer software from the site of HP it will offer the new printer software. It will sometimes take more time than the CD but you can download the newest model of the software from the sites.

Make HP laserjet pro M203dw Driver ready for installation

When you are installing the HP LaserJet Pro M203dw Driver software and then linking the wireless network examine if there are any requirements and then turn on the router, printer, and computer.

  • Name of the network that is termed as SSID.
  • The password of the network that is the WEP key or the WAP passphrase.
  • The computer in connection with the wireless network.
  • Access to the internet. The type of internet such as DSL or cable is recommended by HP to download the software easily.
  • There must be a wireless capability feature in the printer. Place the printer closer to the computer at the time of installation.
  • The installer will give you the prompt to link with a USB cable.
  • Ensure if the printer, computer, and the router are ON. Look out if the respective devices are using the same internet connection.
  • Arrange the printer and load the paper in the input tray.
  • Remove any connections in the USB or the Ethernet cables from the printer.

Connect the HP laserjet pro M203dw to a wireless network

The most convenient way to set up is through the WPS wifi protected setup. Look at the wireless router manual in 123.hp.com/ljprom203dw to check if it backs the connection type of the WPS push button.

  • If you find that the router does not support WPS then you can continue with the next step to download and install the driver.
  • Or else if the router supports WPS you can go along with the steps.
  • On the control panel of the printer hold the wireless setup button.
  • Leave the button if the light flashes.
  • In two minutes once again press and leave the WPS button on the wireless router.
  • Wait for few minutes for the router and the printer to start the connection.
  • When the printer connects with the network the wireless light will power ON and be ready.

Common troubleshooting for  HP laserjet pro M203dw

  1. No connection after settings modification in wifi or router.
  • Go to the wireless setup wizard in the printer control panel. Arrange a wireless connection for the hp.com/laserjet pro m203dwand network.
  • In the home screen of the control panel tap the wireless icon in it.
  • Tap the setup icon.
  • Then select restore default settings or the network settings. Tap yes to confirm it.
  • When the default settings are restored select the back arrow and then tap wireless settings. Then on the screen touch the wireless setup wizard.
  • The printer will now look for the network that is available within reach.
  • Select the name of the network.
  • Enter the WEP or WPA password and press done.
  • The blue light on the control panel will turn ON when the hp.com/laserjet pro m203dwlinks with the wireless network.

To know more about the HP Laserjet Pro M203dw Driver Download and  123.hp.com/setup  you can give a ring to our support members @ +1-888-214-1820.