HP Laserjet Pro m404n Printer – Setup, Driver Download and Installation

HP LaserJet Pro m404n Printer

For your new HP LaserJet Pro m404n setup, you have to follow the methods below. This will permit you make full use of your printer without problems.

USB HP LaserJet Pro m404n Setup

This is one of the method to get the drivers for your computer. The right USB cable is important for this procedure to be successful. Have your HP printer prepared for a USB connection. To acquire the supported feature for this from a USB connection you have to install the full feature of the HP driver.

Step one – Prepare for HP LaserJet Pro m404n Setup

You can check for the requirements and delete any software for the printer you must have installed before. Now prepare the windows for accomplishing a USB connection. This will help you to perform the HP LaserJet Pro m404n driver.

HP LaserJet Pro m404n Setup
HP LaserJet Pro m404n Setup

You have to confirm the requirements and the items before you start HP LaserJet Pro m404n setup

  • The printer should be powered on and prepared
  • Acquire a new USB cable shorter than 3m
  • There is a USB port present in your system and if you link it through the USB or the docking station then the printer might not get enough power to operate well
  • If you have linked the USB cable to the PC before the installation of the driver then you can continue with the steps to take away the printer from the devices installed to aid successful setting up of the printer

Separate USB cable of the printer from the PC. Do not try to reconnect the cable till you receive a prompt during the installation of the driver setup.

Look for it in the system and then press the devices and printers in the results of the option devices and printers

Right-click on the icon for the printer model and then press Remove Device. When many number of icons are available in the printer take it all out.

Close the devices and printers Windows and then continue with the following steps

Step Two – Install the Drivers to Setup the Connection

Download and install the HP LaserJet Pro m404n driver to finish the USB connection.

  • The HP official site search option you can enter the printer name and model number. It depends on the printer model whether the guide termed as HP Easy start installation app will download
  • If the HP Easy start downloads with the driver you have to go along with the onscreen instructions to open the download file to begin the setup. Select connection type if you are asked to choose USB.
  • However, if the connections not happening follow the steps below
  • Do not forget to select the suitable operating system and check if it is right
  •  The identification product page will appear. Press printer and key in the model number and after that press submit
  • The result of the page will display with the default operating system chosen
  • If you are required to modify the operating system press change and then tap change
  • To obtain the full software package click under the topic drivers. Click on the basic drivers and if you prefer other options as well
  • You have to choose the printer connection setup for the USB to finish the setup
  • Now try to printing, copy and scan and check the printer functionality

Solutions for Fixing Printer Issue

Printer not Found or Connected During Setup

You can utilize the tips and other processes to aid in troubleshooting and prevent USB connectivity issues.

  • When you restart the computer and printer it can take away the errors
  • Try connecting the USB again in the cable from printer and computer
  • Make an attempt at connecting with another USB port on the system
  • You can detach the USB hub or the docking station
  • Attempt using another USB cable
  • Try disconnecting the USB devices if you have several which are not in use

Connection of USB Cable Without Installing the HP LaserJet Pro m404n Driver

If you make a connection with the printer USB cable to the system instead of setting it up with the connection with the HP driver then the system mostly will identify the printer and install the built-in driver.

Obtain more information about the HP LaserJet Pro m404n setup from our experts. For HP LaserJet Pro m404n driver download procedures visit our site 123.hp.com/setup or +1-888-214-1820.