HP printer not printing color and How to resolve the error ?

HP printer not printing color

If you are stuck with the error code, HP printer not printing color, let us explain the troubleshooting tips to resolve the issue. Fix the error to start printing your documents. HP brand always stand ahead to offer high-quality Print results

Before you begin the troubleshooting, it’s good to analyze the error cause

What causes the error, HP printer not printing color?

The error, HP printer not printing color can occur due to

  • Print head error or clogged Print heads
  • Cartridge alignment issue
  • Low Ink level
  • Print settings error
  • Printer driver error

Print head error

The troubleshooting tips are here to resolve Print head error

  • Check the position of the Print head and align it properly
  • If you are using a Windows device, go to the option, Devices, and Printers
  • Select your Printer
  • Click on the icon, Printer properties
  • Then choose the option, align cartridge or clean Printer
  • You can also clean the Print head manually using a cloth or distilled water
  • Try replacing the Print head if required

Enable the color settings before Printing

If the errors remain even after troubleshooting the Print head error, check if the settings to Print color documents are enabled. To know how to enable the color settings on your Printer, follow the steps below

  • From your Computer, go to the option, Devices and Printer
  • Check if you can find your Printer connected to the Network
  • If yes, select the Printer
  • Then choose the Printer properties
  • Select, Print preference settings
  • After selecting the Paper settings, click on the Icon, Color
  • Finally use the OK button to save the settings
  • Now Print a test document to check the color quality
  • Use the color management settings to manage color whenever required

Check the Ink level

Your device will not print color documents if the Ink level is low. Hence you can check and fill Ink to the required level

  • Visually inspect the Print compartment to check the Ink level
  • You can also use the device control panel settings to check the Ink level
    • After navigating to the Settings, Devices and Printers
    • Select the Printer
    • Now find the Ink level at the bottom of the section, Devices, and Printers
  • Note that the settings to check Ink level may differ and depend on the Printer model used

Printer driver error

Using a faulty driver can also cause color printing issues. Hence we suggest updating the Printer driver with the latest version. To start the software download, follow the steps below

  • Go to the software download portal
  • Navigate to the software search tab
  • Enter the Printer Name
  • Wait for the software search results to appear on your device display screen
  • Select the software
  • Then tap on the option, Download
  • After extracting the software, click on the setup file
  • Then follow the onscreen commands that appear to complete HP printer software installation
  • You can also use the software update settings if available

Reset your HP printer

Resetting your HP printer is essential to resolve color printing issues to some extent. To reset your HP printer, navigate to the setup menu. Click on the Icon, Tools and choose the option, Restore defaults. Your Printer will restart after the reset process 

You can also use the reset button available on your HP printer to perform a device reset

Print a quality diagnostic report to verify the Print settings

Printing a quality diagnostic report can help to verify the Print settings. It’s easy. You can follow the steps below

  • Power ON your Printer, Computer as the first step and position the paper on the Input tray
  • If yes, click on the icon, Tools
  • Then choose the option, Print quality report

Cartridge alignment issue

  • If Cartridge alignment issues persist, check the position of the Cartridge and align it properly
  • Ensure to use genuine Ink cartridges
  • If the cartridge used is defective, you can replace it with a new one
  • Now check if you can print your documents in Color

Calibrate your Printer

Calibrating your Printer can help to fix Print settings error. Windows users can navigate to the Start Icon. Then select the option, Printer Properties. Now find the option, Calibrate. Choose the appropriate settings to calibrate your Printer

Check the paper quality

To fix the error, HP printer not printing color, check the quality of the Paper used. Also, ensure that the paper is loaded properly into the Paper Input tray. We recommend the top HP paper brands such as HP Premium Paper, HP Every day Glossy Photo paper, and HP Multipurpose paper

Check the Devices connected to the Printer

  • Check if the devices are connected securely to the Printer. If not remove the devices connected to the Printer and connect back again. To remove the Printer connected to your Windows device, go to the option, Devices and Printers. Choose your Printer and tap on the icon, Remove device
  • To remove the Mac device connected to the Printer,
    • Access the Apple Menu and navigate to the System preference settings
    • Click on the Icon, Printers, and Scanners
    • Choose your HP printer from the list
    • Finally, tap on the icon, delete Printer

Disable the Grayscale settings

Your Printer will print only in black and white if the grayscale settings are enabled. Hence disable the grayscale settings on your device. Windows users can follow the commands below to disable the Grayscale settings

  • From your Windows device, go to the search tab
  • Then type, Color Filter
  • Now wait for the search results
  • Choose the tab, turn Color filters ON or OFF
  • Now pick a filter to disable the grayscale settings
  • Print a test document to make sure that the selected settings are active

Get help to fix HP printer not printing error

If you need any support to fix the error, HP printer not printing in color, Please contact our HP customer support techies. By ringing the toll-free number, your call will be connected to our techies right away


How to choose the color settings on HP printer?

If you are new to HP printers, here we explain how to choose the color settings on HP printer

  • Turn on your HP printer
  • Connect the Windows or Mac device
  • Activate the network
  • Choose the document to Print
  • Navigate to the Properties tab
  • Access the color tab
  • Now choose the required color settings
  • For color adjustment, choose the Printer color Management option available

wHAT ARE THE STEPS TO replace the Ink cartridge on HP printer?

Let us explain how to replace the Ink cartridge on HP printer

  • At first, open the Ink cartridge door
  • Now wait until the carriage to move towards the center
  • Press the Ink cartridge lightly and release it
  • Now pull the cartridge out of the slot
  • Remove the cartridge from the slot and replace the new cartridge

How to clean Ink cartridges, Print head using Windows and Mac device?


Cleaning the Ink cartridge is essential to fix Printing issues

  • To clean the Print head using your Windows device, navigate to the search tab
  • Now find the device control panel settings
  • From your device control panel, select the option, Devices, and Printers
  • Now right-click the Printer to open the Printer menu
  • Access the Properties tab
  • Click on the hardware maintenance settings
  • Finally tap on the option, Clean Ink cartridge or Print head
  • Then follow the onscreen commands that appear to complete the cleaning process


  • If you are using a Mac device, access the Apple Menu
  • Go to the system preference settings
  • Now click on the icon, Printers, and Scanners
  • Choose your Printer from the list
  • Open the Printer utility tool
  • Then find the settings to clean the Printer cartridge or Print head

To clean the Print head, Cartridge manually, we suggest using the cleaning solution or distilled water. If the maintenance process is complete, print a test document to verify the Print speed, quality, color, and other settings

What colors can a printer print?

Color Printing uses four colors such as Cyan, Magenta, and yellow. You can choose the exact color cartridge and install the cartridge to the appropriate slot .Check the cartridge alignment if you come across any issues