HP Office Jet Pro 6900 Printers

In the Hp series, OfficeJet Pro models are exclusively made to deal with the high volume professional works. OJ PRO 6900 comes up with brand new extensive features to meet all your complex tasks very efficiently.

All the current most wanted features such as mobile & wireless printing, Touch screen panel, Airprint, 2 sided duplex printing, Instant Ink, Paper & ink saver, large paper feed tray etc. can be availed on this single printer model.

Troubleshoot HP printer error 0x6100004a

Troubleshoot HP printer error 0x6100004a

Thereby, to meet the exhaustive printing works at high speeds, OJPRO 6900 could be a better choice.

Hp OfficeJet Pro 6978 printer failure/ Hp printer error 0x6100004a

Recently, users are facing a new error called 0x6100004a or printer failure error. Even after the firm connections and paper stack are inserted in the carriage, an error message is shown on the control panel. This printer failure error message is showing with an error code in some cases and also without the error code.

This trouble is commonly classified as Hp Office Jet pro 6978 printer failure

Troubleshoot HP Printer Error 0x6100004a

If you are facing the error message with the error code, then there might be some troubles in the printer carriage. Follow the forthcoming steps to troubleshoot the 0x6100004a error.

Carry out the below steps in the given order, until you resolve the error message

Printer Reset

  • This is the first step you have to do. Turn on the printer and wait for few seconds in the printer idle mode
  • In the on condition itself, disconnect the power cord end at first from the printer port
  • Next, remove the adapter from the power outlet
  • Wait for a few minutes and then reconnect the power cord, turn on the printer
  • If the error message still persists, move on to the next step

Get Rid of the Jammed Paper

Paper jam always leads to random errors; thereby this is one of the significant steps in troubleshooting any kind of error messages on your printer.

  • In the first place, open the paper input tray and look for any paper jam in the tray
  • Slide out the input tray and press the buttons which are located on the two sides of the tray to remove completely from the printer
  • After removing, look out for any jammed and scraps of paper in the surrounding gaps
  • Gently yet firmly remove the paper contents in the gap and then again insert the paper input tray to the printer

Also, Look through the Cartridge Access area for the Paper Jams,

  • Turn off the printer and open the ink cartridge access door at first
  • Pull out the paper path cover and search for any paper jam in the gaps
  • Take the jammed paper firmly and remove from the paper path gaps
  • Also, lift the flip gates and look out for any scraps of paper beneath the flip gates
  • After removing the paper jam, press the flip gates and then reconnect the paper path cover
  • Finishing all the above steps, close the cartridge access door, turn on the printer and check the control panel

Check the Carriage

  • Turn off the printer, reach the printer interior part by opening the cartridge access door and then move the carriage
  • If it is getting stuck on the right side, then slide the carriage to the left side and do the above step vice versa
  • If it is stuck in the middle, then slide to the right side
  • By doing the above steps, remove all the scraps and loose paper found in the printer gaps
  • After removing, ensure the carriage is freely moving without any obstacle
  • Now close the carriage access door and turn on the printer

Check the Ink Cartridges

  • Open the cartridge access door and check all the ink cartridges are firmly placed in the slots or not
  • If any cartridge is found to be misplaced, then give a gentle press to snap into place
  • After the previous steps, close the ink cartridge access door and turn on the printer

If you are getting the printer failure error without any error code, then follow the upcoming steps to resolve the error,

  • Always first go for the printer reset option
  • If you are using other brand ink cartridges, then straightaway replace it by genuine Hp cartridges
  • Check out the printer has got the latest printer firmware update
  • Check out the ink cartridges are placed without any leaks inside the printer

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