How to troubleshoot HP printer Error codes?

Hewlett pack ward, the American printing brand offers device models with outstanding features. These models can perform the Print, Scan, and Copy functions smoothly. But at times, error codes popup interrupting the ongoing printer functions. If your HP printer is brand new, let us suggest the common troubleshooting tips to get rid of these error codes. Troubleshooting is not a challenging task if you understand the error cause

The error message that popup on your device screen indicates the need for troubleshooting

Find the hp printer error code list and troubleshooting tips here

HP Printer Error Codes 0 to 19

The numeric error codes 0 to 19 denote paper jam. A broken sensor can also cause the error codes to pop up. Do not get panic if you get stuck with these error codes. Find the troubleshooting tips below

  • Take out the jammed papers inside the Printer Compartment
  • Delete the running print jobs and start printing again
  • Also, verify the Print settings
  • Make certain that the paper is loaded into the paper input tray
  • Try replacing the damaged sensor with a new one
  • Restart the application that manages the print jobs
  • Check the rear area of the printer for damage
  • Its recommended to avoid performing multiple Print jobs at the same time

HP Printer Numeric Error Codes 20 to 49

This set of error codes appear if you perform the functions beyond the memory capacity of the Printer. Let us help you to fix these error codes

  • Make sure that the data fed is not too complex for the Printing system to understand
  • Improve the memory capacity of your Printer
  • Outdated Printer drivers can also be a cause. Hence we suggest updating the Printer driver regularly
  • Ensure to choose the appropriate media size or the print preference settings before printing your documents using HP printer

hp printer error code list 50 to 59

Error Codes 50 to 59 occur due to line voltage error or fuser error. To troubleshoot these error codes, you can temporarily remove the Printer from the Power source and connect back again. Check the line voltage received on your device and make certain that the specifications are met. It’s also recommended to replace the faulty hardware components with new one

HP Printer Numeric Error Codes 60 onwards

These error codes occur if there is a problem with the memory capacity of the printer. The guidelines below can help to resolve the error codes quickly

  • Verify the memory capability of your Printer
  • Check and update the Printer software that controls or manipulates the data
  • Reset the Printer memory module
  • Also, upgrade the memory capacity of the Printer
  • Try performing the Printer reset and check if the error codes resolve
  • Troubleshoot the scan buffer error if you come across any

HP Printer Text error Codes A-Z

Find the guidelines below to fix hp printer error code list A-Z. When compared with the other error codes, these error codes resolve quickly

  • To begin the troubleshooting, make sure that communication issues do not persist between your Printer and Computer
  • Stop the tasks running on your printer for a while
  • Reset the printer choosing the appropriate settings
  • Fix software or driver issues on your Printer, Computer if any
  • Remove the cables connected to the Printer and connect back again
  • Service your Printer once and check if these error codes resolve

Please contact our Printer customer support executives if you require any help to fix the common HP Printer error codes. Make a note of the support number by accessing our website portal


How to fix memory error on HP printer?

Never get panic if you come across memory error on HP printer. Find the steps below to fix the error

  • Try improving the memory capacity of your Printer
  • Avoid performing heavy-duty print jobs beyond the memory capacity of the Printer
  • Update the printer software regularly
  • Insert the toner cartridge properly without touching the electrical contacts. Make sure that broken metal contacts are not present on your Cartridge

What causes hp error code oxc4eb827f? How to fix the error CODE?

HP error code oxc4eb827f indicates printer failure due to damaged rails, Paper Jam, Dislocated Encoder strip, Hardware error, and corrupted registry entry on your Printer. To fix the error, you can replace the damaged printer hardware components; clear the jammed or stuck papers inside the printer compartment, update the printer driver and remove the corrupted registry entry on your Printer

How to Fix HP Printer Error code 0x6100004a?

HP Printer Error code 0x6100004a denotes clogged ink cartridges contacts. If you are ready to begin the troubleshooting to resolve the error code, follow the troubleshooting tips below

  • Check and make sure that the cartridge is placed properly
  • Remove the dust accumulated over the cartridge surface
  • Also, clean the clogged Ink cartridge vents and contacts
  • Reset the Printer and check if the error codes resolve
  • Replace the cartridge if required

How to troubleshoot HP printer that won’t print?

  • If your HP printer is not printing, visually inspect the printer compartment to find the jammed or stuck papers
  • Authenticate the Print settings by printing a test document
  • Delete the running print jobs and start printing again
  • Restart the Printer, Computer
  • Verify that the cartridge alignment is proper
  • Also, fill ink to the required level

How to fix network connectivity issues on HP printer?

If you find it hard to connect HP Printer to the network,

  • Disable the network and connect back again
  • Printing a network configuration page can help to verify the network settings
  • Verify the wireless network SSID and Password used
  • If the connectivity issues remain after troubleshooting, you can choose an alternate network

How to get back your HP printer online?

Offline errors popup if the communication between your Printer and Computer is interrupted. Let us help to fix printer offline error to get back your Printer online

  • Navigate to the appropriate settings to uncheck or disable the Printer offline settings
  • Check the cable connection
  • Update or upgrade the Printer driver
  • Verify the Print settings
  • Use the Print and Scan doctor tool to perform a quick scan
  • Meanwhile, choose the settings to set your Printer as the default printer
  • Perform device restart, reset and check if HP printer offline issues resolve

What are the best HP Printer models available in the market today?

If you are ready to purchase the best printer, we suggest the top models such  as HP LaserJet Pro M454dw Single Function Laser Printer, HP Color LaserJet 150nw, HP OfficeJet Pro 9015 all-in-one wireless printer, HP ENVY 6055 wireless all-in-one printer, and lot more

Why is my printer printing blank pages?

Your Printer may print black pages if the cartridges are not installed properly. Clogged cartridge nozzles and contacts can also cause the error. Confirm that the cartridges are placed properly. Also, service your Printer once