About the Wireless Printing Technology

Businesses, today, have to utilize all available means including handheld mobile devices and the wireless technology along with it to keep abreast with industry and market demands.

Even home offices seek to simplify their tasks by constructively using the wireless to accomplish a range of activities.

HP Printer Keeps Going Offline

HP Printer Keeps Going Offline

HP brings superior wireless features into its printers keeping the busy and productive in mind.


  • Generally, networking with the printer and the computer involves several cables and wires. The wireless technology eliminates this complexity and hazards due to tripping and electrical fires
  • Networking with cables limits mobility, while the wireless printer is portable and has the ability to network without proximity to the cables
  • Cloud data storage allows you to seamlessly print from the internet and even share the documents with other devices and individuals. Traditional printers require you to download the data from the internet
  • HP wireless printers don’t just print – they can Scan, fax and copy as well – send print material directly to the laptop, mobile or computer for an output
  • As an investment, HP wireless printers last very long, are reliable and cost-effective

Using the HP Printer Offline

  • In Windows, a certain setting actually allows you to use the printer even if it is offline
  • Even when the printer not connected to the computer, first send the documents to print
  • Thereafter, when you get the HP Printer back online, all your documents will be automatically printed
  • For this first perform Start -> go to Devices and Printers folder -> Right click on the HP printer icon
  • Thereafter, click on the See What’s Printing option -> Printer Menu -> uncheck the box next to Use Printer Offline

HP Printer Keeps Going Offline – Reasons

  • The computer and printer would be unable to communicate with each other due to several reasons
  • It could mean the printer by itself is not connected to the network
  • The cables are not attached appropriately
  • Settings are not configured as per requirements
  • There are several duplicate IPs running on the network

On Windows

  • Typically, Windows will report a printer as offline, when there are no status updates from the printing device
  • This could also be a communication issue with the printer’s or the Windows computer’s port
  • To troubleshoot you can either restart the computer, router and printer or reinstall the driver software and much more

Signs that the HP Printer is Offline

  • You will notice several signs and symptoms when the printer goes offline
  • There is no response from the printer even after you have provided a print job
  • Status icon grays out or indicates offline
  • Along with other devices, the printer also not found on the network
  • Sharing of files and printer disabled
  • Resetting or changing the network port IP address
  • Printer enters sleep mode and loses network connectivity


  • Check connections first, and then perform a power reset
  • The printing system automatically resets to accept all the print jobs required after the action
  • Check printer status by clearing out the print queue – this way the jobs that you are unable to print are purged out of the system, thus getting the printer back online


  • Remove the power cord from the printer, even as it is connected and wait for some time (usually 60 seconds)
  • Check secure connectivity of the network cable and router cables
  • Now, restart any computer, tablet or laptop
  • After all the devices have rebooted connect the cables back to the respective devices
  • The printer, invariably, turns on by itself and gets back online

Network Connection

  • You must ensure that your Wi-Fi is indeed working – for this check your mobile and tablet for network connection
  • A network summary or configuration page will provide you with the printer’s IP Address
  • Now on a web browser, type the printer’s IP address and click on Enter -> Continue to this website…
  • The EWS opens indicating that the printer is back online


  • When the EWS window does not open, then test the network communication at the command prompt – you must ping the network at the prompt
  • Click Start -> Run ->cmd-> Command prompt opens -> enter the printer’s IP address -> type Ping
  • Check response times returned by the screen and network pinging times and capacities

If the printer still does not get back online, then invariably, you may have to verify the offline settings of the device. You can ask our experts @ +1-888-214-1820 for the relevant reasons why your HP Printer keeps going offline.

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