Steps to setup the HP printer for Mac

  1. The HP printer driver and software can be updated on your Mac with the help of the Apple software Update.
  2. Turn on the Printer and ensure that it is connected to the computer you wish to print from
  3. Verify the Mac operating system version of your Computer and confirm that the version is compatible to use with your Printer
  4. Learn how to execute for Mac
  5. Tap on System Preferences in the Apple Menu
  6. Then click on Printers & Scanners
  7. The name of the printer should be automatically displayed in the Printers List
  8. If the printer is listed, remove and add it again to make sure communication is possible and the correct version of the driver is used
  9. If the printer is not listed, click on Add Printer or Scanner and click on the name of your printer
  10. Then click on the Print Using menu and select the name of your printer
  11. Click on Add to add the printer to the list
  12. Close the System Preferences and try to print
  13. You are requested to wait for a while until the setup process
  14. If you are new to HP platform, check the reviews to find the best printer model that suits your budget and requirement

How to troubleshoot errors that occur while executing for Mac?

  • You can verify the setup settings
  • Also check if the device is connected to a good speed network
  • Mean while confirm if the Printer driver is up to date
  • The Mac OS version must be compatible to use with your Printer

If you are expecting outstanding device performance, HP is the best choice.


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