How to troubleshoot HP printer to fix major issues?

Troubleshoot HP printer to fix major issues?

Let us help you to fix HP printer issues. If you are ready to begin the troubleshooting, follow the instructions below. Resolve the error to start your Print, Scan, Copy, and Fax jobs using HP printer. If you are expecting high-quality Print results, HP printer is the right choice

Before explaining the troubleshooting tips, here we list out the common Printer issues such as

  • Printing error
  • Scan error
  • HP Printer driver error
  • Printer offline error
  • Cartridge error
  • Hardware error

Printing error

  • To fix Printing issues on your HP printer, visually inspect the Printer compartment to find the stuck papers
  • You can also cancel the existing Print jobs and try Printing again
  • We suggest restarting the Printer Spooler service, the application that manages the Print jobs
    • Windows users can access the Start menu
    • Choose the services tab
    • Select the Printer spooler service
    • Right-click to stop the service
    • Tap on the start icon to run the service again
  • If you are a Mac user, use the System preference settings to choose the option, reset printing system to stop the ongoing Print jobs

Set your printer AS DEFAULT Printer to fix frequent error codes

Setting your HP printer as the default Printer can help to fix frequent Printer error codes that pop up. To know how to set your Printer as the default Printer, follow the commands below

  • From your Windows device, go the Control Panel andclick on the icon, Devices, and Printers
  • Choose your Printer from the list of connected Printers that appear
  • Then select the option, Set your Printer as the default Printer

HP printer driver error

HP printer driver issues are common. It’s easy to fix the error. If you find it hard to get rid of the error, the troubleshooting tips are here. You may receive a message indicating the need for troubleshooting

  • At first, check the printer driver version
  • If the driver is outdated, uninstall the existing software
  • Visit the software download page
  • Find the software search tab
  • Enter the Printer Name
  • Find the software search results
  • Select the software
  • To begin the software download, use the option, Download and move the setup file to the required folder
  • Click on the setup file
  • Follow the on-screen guidelines to complete HP printer driver installation

Printer offline error

The offline errors interrupt the communication between your Printer and Computer. It’s essential to get back your Printer online to resume the ongoing Printer functions. You can find the best ways to fix Printer offline errors here

  • To begin the troubleshooting, analyze the error cause
  • Make sure that your Printer, Computer is connected to the same network
  • Also never perform multiple Print Jobs at the same time
  • Check if the Printer Offline settings are enabled. If yes, go to the appropriate settings to disable it. Please note that the settings differ for Windows and Mac device
  • System restart or reset can also help to fix HP printer offline error
  • Use good quality cables to connect your Printer to the Computer, Router, and Power source
  • HP Print and Scan doctor tool can be used to run a quick scan and confirm if the Printer offline issues resolve

Hardware error

Hardware issues can occur if you use faulty cables. Hence check the quality of the cables used. If the cable doesn’t meet the quality standards, try replacing it with a new one. Also, ensure to choose the appropriate port to connect these cables

Cartridge error

It’s essential to check the Cartridge used before Printing your documents using HP printer. If Cartridge issues persist, follow the steps below to fix the issue

  • Open the Cartridge compartment
  • Visually Inspect the Cartridge to check the alignment
  • If the alignment is not proper, take out the cartridge from the slot and fix the cartridge again
  • You can also select the Cartridge alignment settings available
    • Windows users can navigate to the Settings, Devices, and Printers
    • Right-click your Printer
    • Check if you can find the Services tab
    • If yes, choose the option, align the cartridge
    • Then execute the onscreen instructions that appear on your device screen
  • Mac users can go to the System preference settings and choose the option, Print, and Fax. Then select the Printer and access the utility tab to find the maintenance settings. Under the custom settings, find the option to align the Printer Cartridge
  • Note that if the cartridge used is faulty, purchase a new cartridge compatible to use with your HP printer Model

HP Printer fails to respond TO THE Print Command

  • If your HP printer is not responding to the Print command, stop the existing Print Jobs
  • Choose the option, Devices, and Printers from your Windows device
  • Select your Printer
  • Then click on the option, What’s Printing
  • Find the ongoing Print jobs
  • Select the option, Cancel to cancel the Print Jobs
  • Now start the Print Jobs again and check if your HP Printer is responding to the Print Command
  • Try printing a test document to verify the Print settings

Internet issue

Without a good speed and secure network, it’s hard to complete the Printer setup. If you are facing wireless network or connectivity issues on HP printer, check and verify the Network settings. If the errors remain, disconnect your Printer, Computer from the Network and connect back again

It’s good to connect your Printer and Computer to the same network connection

You can get help from our Printer customer support executives to get rid of the frequent error codes that pop up. Visit our website portal to find the toll free number


Why is my HP printer not printing?

Printing issues on HP printers can occur due to

  • Paper jam inside the Printer compartment
  • Incorrect Print settings
  • HP printer in Offline state
  • Multiple Print Jobs
  • Low Ink level
  • Cartridge error
  • Internet or Connectivity issues

How to get back HP Printer IN AN ERROR STATE?

Let us help you to get your HP printer out of error state by suggesting the common tips and tricks available

  • You can check the Input port used to connect the necessary cables
  • Also, update the Printer driver regularly
  • Change the Printer Spooler service settings as automatic
  • Always connect your HP printer, Computer to a good speed network
  • Check the Ink level and fill Ink to the required level
  • Also, confirm that the cartridges are aligned properly

Why does my HP printer keeps blinking?

The Power light that blinks on your HP printer indicates the ongoing Print Jobs. If the Power light blinks fast make sure that the Cartridge access door is closed. You may receive an error message if your HP printer is in error state

How to add HP printer to Computer?

Connect your HP printer to Windows and Mac computer to start your Print Jobs. The settings to connect your Printer to computer may differ. Let us explain the guidelines in detail


  • Switch on your HP printer
  • Connect your Printer to the Network
  • From your Windows computer, select the settings, Devices, and Printers
  • Find the list of available Printers
  • Choose your Printer
  • Finally, tap on the icon, Add Printer


  • Find the system preference settings on Mac
  • Then tap on the icon, Printers, and Scanners
  • Click on the Plus icon
  • Select the Printer to Add

After adding the Computer, select your document and tap on the Print icon to start printing your documents

How do I print a test page to diagnose Printer Problems?

Printing a test page can help to diagnose Printer problems. To print a test page

  • Go to the Windows control panel
  • Find the settings, Devices, and Printers
  • Select and right-click your Printer
  • Access the Printer properties tab to find the option to print a test page
  • You can check the test page to validate the Print settings
How to factory reset HP printer?

It’s recommended to reset your HP printer to get rid of the common Printing issues. To perform factory reset, turn on your Printer; go to the setup menu to find the option, Tools. Then click on the tab, Restore Defaults. Select the tab, yes to confirm the Printer settings

  • Your Printer will restart after completing the factory reset process
  • Note that the latest Printer models arrive with a reset button to perform a quick reset