HP Printer Validation Failed

When you encounter the HP Printer Validation Failed error, it usually means that there is some obstruction in the printer or the device’s carriage is not moving freely. There are several ways in which you can troubleshoot the error. For one, simply reset all your devices by unplugging the power.

Sometimes the error occurs after a recent software update or a power outage.  

Most of the time, the fault is due to mismatched drivers on your HP ePrint device forthe Windows 7 x 64 or Windows Vista x 64 systems.

HP Printer Validation Error

HP Printer Validation Error

Ink System Failure Errors

  • The control panel on the printer displays an alphanumeric error code indicative of an ink system failure
  • Perform this very important step when you see a Printer Validation Failed message
  • Check for the complete list of codes on HP’s website ( 123.hp.com/setup )
  • To alleviate this error, first and foremost, always use genuine ink cartridges
  • You must ensure that replacement cartridges are bought directly from the HP Store
  • Once you have replaced the ink cartridges the error will not be visualized

Driver Uninstall and Install From the Root


  • At the root level uninstall and then reinstall the printer drivers
  • If you are using the Windows Operating System, then open Programs and Features -> choose HP Printer name -> Uninstall
  • Thereafter launch Devices and Printers -> find your HP Printer name -> Right-click -> choose Delete / Remove Device
  • To remove root level drivers, press Windows Key + R -> enter printui.exe /s -> Ok -> Drivers (tab) -> HP Printer Driver -> Right-click -> Remove -> Ok
  • You may also want to delete Print Server Properties -> All Instances -> Apply -> Ok
  • Start your PC once again after you have performed the uninstallation


  • The latest full feature driver for your HP Printer device is available on the manufacturer’s website
  • Once you are on HP’s website, choose your country -> enter the product number in the empty field
  • Choose the correct operating system (this is automatically detected by the website)
  • The setup wizard will prompt you to connect the printer and the computer
  • Just follow instructions up until the end

Updating Firmware

  • You can directly update the firmware from the printer’s control panel
  • If your printer device possesses an ePrinticon then press HP ePrint -> Settings / Setup -> Product Update / Check for Updates
  • For printers that have only text menus, choose Settings / Service / Setup -> Preferences / Tools / Printer Maintenance -> Printer Update / Web Services
  • Accept on-screen conditions to initiate automatic updates and allow Web Services
  • The internet connection of the printer gets set up and updates are performed automatically
  • You can always go back to the Check for Updates if you wish to see if all the versions are available on the device

HP Smart App

  • Consistently check and install printer updates on your Windows computer with the help of the HP Smart App
  • You will find the app in the Microsoft store on Windows 10, and once you find it click and follow instructions
  • Since the printer is already on the network, the app will identify it and choose it automatically
  • Manage your printer’s preferences and supplies through the app
  • There are a set of commands that will help you with printer management
  • If your printer is not ready for use, then an exclamation mark is displayed indicating that the printer requires some fixing
  • The app also helps you obtain Printer Status Reports, Print Quality Reports and a Network Configuration Page
  • Maintenance actions can be performed on your printer through the Printer Quality Tools command

HP Print and Scan Doctor Tool

  • The HP Print and Scan Doctor Tool is capable of identifying and fixing most the issues with the printer
  • To constructively use the tool, go to HP’s website and download the HPPSdr.exe file on to your computer
  • The icon appears on the desktop
  • Run it and click Start -> Choose printer name -> follow instructions issued by the tool after diagnosis
  • Fix printing problems depending upon the discovery and a green checkmark will appear if the printer passes the test
  • If the problem has been found and fixed a wrench icon appears
  • A failed or skipped test means an exclamation mark (within a yellow triangle)
  • The printer still has an ongoing problem if a red X mark appears – which also means you have to find it and fix it
  • Allow the HP Print and Scan Doctor tool to help you with the instructions

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