How to Setup Google Cloud Print on HP printers?

Setup Google Cloud Print on HP printers

Here is the article to learn how to set up Google cloud print on HP printers. Complete the setup to start printing your documents. Setting up Google Cloud Print on HP is easy. Google cloud print technology allows printing from anywhere using web or cloud print applications. You can register with HP Cloud to proceed with the setup. If you are new to HP printers, here we explain the setup process in detail

Your Print jobs become easy using Google cloud print

Before you begin the setup

  • Confirm if you have the essential requirements to proceed with Cloud Print setup
  • Ensure that your Printer is capable of Air print or Google Cloud Print
  • Learn how to execute Google Cloud Print setup
  • Also, create a registered Email ID for your Printer
  • Register your Printer with HP Cloud
  • Check if the Google Chrome web browser is installed on your Computer

To start Google Cloud Print on HP printer

Follow the commands below to complete Google Cloud Print setup

To set up Google Cloud Print on Windows Computer

  • If your HP printer is brand new, take out the Printer from the package and place the paper into the Paper Input tray
  • Also, install the Cartridge to the slot
  • Connect your Printer to the Computer
  • Now create a Google or Gmail account to use the service. You can visit the appropriate Gmail account creation page and provide the signup data
  • After creating the account, proceed with the registration process
    • Visit the appropriate Google Cloud Print website portal
    • Then sign in using the registered Email or Google account
    • If you do not have an account, go to the sign up tab
    • Enter the required sign up data
    • Finally follow the onscreen instructions that appear to connect your Printer and complete Google Cloud Print setup

Google Cloud Print setup on Android device

  • If you are using an Android device, power on the device
  • Also, switch on your Printer
  • Check if your printer and Android device is connected to the same network
  • Now visit the Android device app store or Google play store
  • Download and install the cloud print plug-in app
  • If the app installation process is complete, go to the Settings Menu
  • Access the Cloud Print settings
  • Then select the option, Add Printer
  • If you are using a Classic Printer, select the option, Add Classic Printer
  • Execute the onscreen commands
  • After completing Google Cloud Print setup, you can proceed with the Print Jobs

How to print your documents using Google Cloud Print?

Printing using Google Cloud Print is easy

  • On your device, access the Google Chrome web browser
  • Select your document to Print
  • Find the settings tab
  • Click on the Advanced settings
  • Navigate to the Printing menu
  • Choose, Google Cloud Print
  • Add your Printer and execute the onscreen guidelines that appear on your device screen

How to fix Google Cloud Print setup issues that pop up on your device display screen?

If you come across any issues while executing Google Cloud Print setup, here we suggest the common tips to get rid of the error

  • To resolve Google Cloud Print setup issues, verify the Cloud Print settings
  • Confirm that your Computer; Printer is connected to the same network. If network issues persist, fix it at the earliest
  • Restart your Printer, Computer and check if the setup issues resolve
  • Learn Google Cloud Print settings clearly before execution
  • Double-check to ensure that your Printer is registered with Google Cloud Print. If not, go to the appropriate registration portal and provide the required sign up data
  • Make sure that the paper is loaded into Input tray and cartridges are fixed to the appropriate cartridge slot
  • Ensure to provide the valid data for Google cloud Print registration
  • It’s good to create a static IP address to register Google Cloud Print service
  • If your Printer is in offline state, turn back your Printer online before proceeding with Cloud Print
  • Always update your device software with the latest version. You can go to the software download portal and download the matching software to use with your device
  • Ensure that the Google cloud Print settings are not disabled
  • Try printing a test document to verify the Print quality and speed of Printing your documents
  • If you are using an Android device, uninstall the Google Cloud Print service plug-inand install it again
  • Use good quality cables to connect your Computer and Mobile device to the Printer
  • Change your Firewall settings and check if you can access Google cloud Print

Get help to complete Google Cloud print setup

If you require any help to start Google Cloud Print setup and fix setup issues, please contact our Printer customer support team right away. Go to our website portal to find the customer support number


What are the advantages of Google Cloud Print?

The advantages of Google Cloud Print are many

  • You can use Google Cloud Print on any web-connected device
  • Google Cloud Print enables Printing from any Cloud Print application
  • The technology allows printing Emails, Documents, Spreadsheets, WebPages from any location
  • Setting up Google Cloud Print is easy if you have a Google account or registered Email address
  • You can save the paper, Ink using Google Cloud Print feature and reduce the cost of Printing
  • It’s also possible to share your Printer securely from your Google account

How to register my HP printer with Google Cloud Print?

Let us help you to complete Cloud Print registration process. To start with, turn on your Printer. Install Cloud Print app on your Computer or Mobile device. Access the app to find the settings menu. Choose the option, Add a printer. Confirm the registration process and follow the onscreen guidelines that appear on your device screen

What is Cloud Print?

Cloud Print is the android app used for Google Cloud Print Printing. You can install the app by visiting the device app store or Google play store. Access the app, add the Printer to proceed with the Print jobs

What is replacing Google Cloud Print?

Paper Cut Mobility Print replaces Google Cloud Print and it’s free. The app makes your Print jobs easy and you can print across multiple servers. Install the app to experience secure and safe printing. Managing your Printing becomes easy using Paper Cut Mobility Print app

What causes Google Cloud Print Printing issues?

Google Cloud Print printing issues can occur due to

  • Network or Connectivity problems
  • Software error
  • Incorrect Google Cloud Print settings
  • Cloud Print app installation error
  • Printer IP address error
  • Invalid Google account, Email ID used for Google Cloud Print registration

What are the HP Printers models compatible with Google Cloud Print?

HP Air print enabled Printers are compatible with Google Cloud Print. Here we suggest the most preferred Google Cloud Print enabled Printers such as HP Color Laser 150nw, MFP 178nw, MFP E77422a, M652dn, M653dn, and much more

How do I get my cloud printer back online?

Let us help to get back your Cloud Printer online. The troubleshooting tips below can help to get rid of the error

  • Restart your Printer, Computer
  • Check for Jammed or stuck papers
  • Clear the paper Jam and check if offline issues resolve
  • Select the appropriate Printer offline settingsto disable it
  • Reset the Printer spooler service that manages the Print Jobs
  • Power cycle your Printer once
  • Update the software version
  • Also, troubleshoot network issues if you come across any

How to register a Printer to Google cloud print using web configuration?

You need a Google account to register your Printer using the Web services. If you do not have an account, create one and follow the instructions below

  • Power on your Printer
  • Check if the paper is placed on the Input tray
  • If yes, insert the cartridge
  • Now verify the Printer IP address. It’s always recommended to use the static IP address
  • Open a web browser from your Windows device connected to the Printer
  • Access the web configuration settings menu
  • You may receive a prompt to update the Printer firmware as you proceed with the registration
  • Select the option, Firmware update
  • Choose the icon,Google Cloud Print Services.
  • Then tap on the option, Register
  • Find the Google cloud print registration screen
  • Login using the Google account
  • Click on the confirmation button
  • Run the on-screen guidelines to complete the registration

How to fix Google cloud print registration issues?

If you are stuck with Google cloud print registration issues, here we suggest the troubleshooting guide to fix the error

  • Ensure to provide the valid data for registration
  • Check the validity of Google account and ensure to provide valid credentials for login
  • Always connect your device to a secure network before Google cloud print registration
  • If the error codes remain, try restarting your device and proceed with the registration again
  • Learn how to complete the registration process before execution