Troubleshoot HP Printer Won’t Print Issue

It is essential to keep your printer in good condition, for which you may have to perform regular troubleshooting and other maintenance activities. Amongst the many issues commonly faced, the HP printer won’t print is the most prominently occurring one which is caused by several reasons which we have discussed here on our website.

Print Jobs Stuck And Disappearing From The Print Queue

HP Printer Won't Print

HP Printer Won’t Print

  • This blunder is a typical issue that happens when the printer neglects to react to the print demand and the print work stays in the line
  • The least difficult solution for this issue is to erase the print work from the queue and reassign the print job once again to the printer
  • On the off chance that this solution bombs, at that point, restart the printer by turning it off totally and switching it on again and this solution would resolve the issue
  • You should uninstall the driver software along with the HP printer and further more restart the PC
  • When you effectively restart, you should install the software again
  • With this, the issue that causes the documents to vanish from the print line will settle

HP Printer Offline Error

  • It is another normal blunder that happens in many printers
  • To determine this HP Printer offline issue, you will have to basically check the installation of drivers for your compatible device
  • Navigate to the devices and printers option on your system to make a note of the update of the device drivers
  • Another solution is to run the Scan Doctor utility tool which you can avail from the driver CD furnished alongside the printer
  • Supplanting the printer cartridges with authentic HP cartridges can fix the poor quality printing issue
  • The utilization of third-party cartridges frequently leads to low quality of printing
  • In the event that you are facing such issues, you can execute the below troubleshooting steps and dispense the issues and have a good printing experience

HP Print and Scan Doctor

Utilize the HP Print and Scan Doctor, a utility that will help you detect any issue with your printer

  • Tap the link from the HP support website to download and install the HP Print and Scan Doctor tool
  • This particular tool will find the error once you run the file which you can find in the Downloads folder of your PC
  • When you see the HP Print and Scan Doctor dialog box, press the Start button
  • Choose the printer that you need from the list of printers that you can see and hit on the Retry button in case your printer is not on the list
  • The HP Print and Scan Doctor Utility will give you guidance in order to overcome any issues while executing out the print alternatives
  • Moreover, you could also execute various other alternatives by clicking on Fix Printing
  • If you can’t get hold of the printer issue even though by utilizing the HP Print and Scan Doctor utility, at that point you have to go for printer reset.

Troubleshoot and Reset the HP Printer

Here are some quality tips on the most proficient method to troubleshoot your HP printer

  • Reset is a definitive answer for every single specialized device in the event that an issue endures post executing all the troubleshooting issues, at that point, it is smarter to reset the printer
  • Ensure to shut down the printer, PC and the router that is with the printer and also disconnect the power cords for a good retune
  • Wait for a couple of moments and attach every one of the gadgets to restart them once more
  • As you reset, a test page will help you to think about the present condition of your HP printer
  • To check the status of your printer, lastly hit on the Hardware and Sound option and try printing a test page

For more assistance on troubleshooting HP printer won’t print issue, contact our support team through the toll-free number +1-888-214-1820 or visit 123 hp com setup site.

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