What is wps pin?

WPS pin, the eight-digit code is used to connect devices with HP printer. You can wait for the prompt to update the Pin and establish a secure connection. Here is the article to read and understand how to use WPS pin

The network security standard ensures a secure network connection. Check if your Printer and Router support the feature and then begin the setup right away.

Steps to find the wps pin?

Read the steps below to know how to find the WPS pin

  1. You can find the generated Pin on your HP printer screen
  2. If not, go to the Printer control panel and select the Settings option
  3. Now check if you can find the Wi-Fi Protected Setup
  4. Tap on the option and execute the onscreen settings to generate the WPS pin HP printer pin

How to setup hp printer using a wps pin?

Its time to setup HP printer using WPS Pin and complete the Print, Scan, Copy, and Fax jobs

  • If your HP printer is brand new, take out the device from the package
  • Then check if you have the accessories to execute the hardware setup. If yes attach the necessary cables to proceed with WI-Fi Protected setup
  • Switch the device ON and go to the device control panel
  • Now select the WI- FI protected setup settings
  • Choose the option WPS pin
  • Then go forward with the onscreen instructions that appear on your device display screen to find the Pin
  • You can now access the configuration utility tool for your Router
  • Enter the Pinto establish the network connection
  • If your Printer is brand new, you can proceed with the remaining Printer setup steps

What if my router doesn’t support wps feature?

  • If your router doesn’t support the WPS feature
    1. Use the HP Smart app to establish the network connection
    2. You can also press and hold the wireless button and the cancel button on your printer for 5 seconds
    3. Note that these settings always depend on the Printer model used
  • The blue wireless light will stop blinking indicating the connected status
  • If the light is turned off, begin the troubleshooting right away

What if the wps connection fails?

If you get stuck with any issues and errors while establishing the WPS connection, follow the troubleshooting tips below

  • Always ensure to place your HP printer close to the Router. Never place any electrical interference between your Printer and the router
  • Check if performing a Router and Printer restart can fix the error codes that pop up on your device screen
  • Use a Router that supports WPS settings. Also, place your Printer within the range of the Router
  • Ensure to provide the valid WPS Pin. Make sure that the configuration utility tool for your Router is working
  • Understand WI-Fi Protected setup settings clearly before execution. Disconnect your device from the router and then execute the WI-Fi Protected setup again
  • Do not delay or exceed the time limits to execute the WI- FI protected setup steps. Check If you can bring back the Printer to its default settings
  • Restore the network settings by navigating to the Setup > Network> Wireless menu> Restore Network Settings.
  • Its always good to connect your Mobile device and the Printer to the same network connection. Visit the Router configuration Menu, turn off WPS and connect after a while
  • Make a note that WPS is compatible with wireless network encrypted with the WPA2 personal security protocols
  • It’s important to make sure that the hardware connections are secure. If not disconnect the cables connected to the Printer, Router and connect it back again
  • Learn WI- FI protected setup steps before execution. Do not use the wrong WPS pin HP printer to execute the settings. Check the Printer software version used

If the errors remain

  • If the errors remain even after troubleshooting, you can replace your Printer and the Router with a new one. Check out the Printer and Router reviews to choose the best model
  • If HP is your choice, we suggest the top HP printer models such as HP LaserJet Pro M227fdw, HP DeskJet 3760, HP Tango Wireless Instant Ink Ready Printer, HP LaserJet Pro M15w, HP Color Laser MFP 179fnw All-in-One Instant Ink Ready Printer, HP Design jet T125 24-inch Printer to begin your purchase

What are the devices that support the wps feature?

The modern wireless Printers, Router, Laptops, Tablets, and Smart phones will have the WPS feature

What is the difference between wpa and wps?

  1. WPA/A2- Security protocol that uses encryption for secure access
  2. WPS- Technology designed to automate the secure wireless connection

Note- You can access the Router or Printer setup manual for more updates

Do you require any help to find a wps pin to execute the wireless setup?

Please do contact our HP printer customer support executives if you require any guidance to establish the wireless network connection using WPS Pin and fix the connectivity issues that popup

You can visit our website portal for further updates