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123.hp.com/setup Guidelines to setup HP Printer

If you are new to HP Printers, execute the setup to begin your Print, Scan, Copy, and Fax Jobs. It’s easy to proceed with the setup process. We suggest reading the printer setup manual before execution. Pick the top models such as HP Officejet, DeskJet, LaserJet and Envy. The specifications of these models vary. We suggest the one that suits your budget and requirements. Wait for the best deals and offers to start your purchase. It’s hard to avoid Printer setup issues while executing the setup.It’s not a big deal to get rid of the error if you understand the troubleshooting guide

HP Envy Printers driver-download
HP Envy Printers driver-download

To begin 123hp.com/setup for HP Envy Printer?

To begin 123hp.com/setup, collect the essential requisites. This includes the Power, USB, and Ethernet cable. Also, it’s essential to find the matching software to use with the Printer. Here we explain the setup steps in detail

  1. To begin with, take out the Printer from the package
  2. Verify if you have the necessary requirements
  3. If yes, identify the port to fix the Power and Ethernet cable
  4. Then execute the settings to activate the network
  5. You can choose the compatible network settings available

HP Printer Models

HP printers focus on the purchaser needs and standpoint towards the work preferences, and it also proffers with unique models stuffed with latest features, opt for the right ones, most affordable ones. The initial printer list is down. There are different models of the printer under each HP printer.

Most popular models with the latest features

Tango Printers

HP Tango Terra

HP Tango Terra can reduce plastics in nature and can be linked to cloud-based printing via Wi-Fi. This printer includes quality printouts and can create high-quality scans from the mobile device and send to print

HP Tango X Printer

HP Tango X printer is presented to the customers with voice activation and smart home features and printing is done from Android devices. Specially designed to work with HP Smart app using iOS and Android.

HP Tango Printer

The HP Tango printer is the first printer that consists of a cloud-based, dualway network access . It’s voice-activated and can use Android devices for printing hands-free with Alexa, Google Home, and Microsoft Cortana.

Unboxing the Printer via 123.hp.com/setup

To begin 123hp.com/setup, collect the essential requisites. This includes the Power, USB, and Ethernet cable. Also, it’s ess

  1. Firstly, start with unwrapping the printer package and check for the essential contents like ink cartridges, setup guide, reference manual and the power connectors. Pull out the HP printer cover and detach the styrofoams at either side
  2. Next, clear off all the packaging materials from both inside and outside the HP printer. There will be small cardboard boxes inside the printer inserted for HP printer safety, make sure to remove it
  3. Secondly, set out for powering up the HP printer. Link one end of the power connector to the rear of the HP printer and the other end to the wall outlet. After that, on the HP printer by holding on to the Power button
  4. Opt for the basic option like country, language, date and time. Install the HP ink cartridges one by one genuinely and load the paper on to the input tray as per the printer prompts. The initial setup is now complete. Thirdly, start with printing the alignment page. Carry on with linking the 123.hp.com/setup printer to the network connection

HP Envy Printers

The HP Envy printer proffers the latest ink technology to extend the cartridge usage and can save bugs via instant ink delivery service. It is a multi-function printer that can print, scan and copy and compatible with Wi-Fi, AirPrint, Google cloud print. The HP Envy printer ink can bring out professional-quality prints.

General Setup

Proceed with steps below for 123.hp.com/setup wireless

Firstly, check whether the HP Envy printer and the router supports WPS push button. Secondly, press the WPS button on the HP Envy printer. Next, check for the blinking LED and then go-ahead. Finally, with 2 seconds after pressing the WPS button on the printer, on the WPS button the router. Check whether the HP Envy printer get network access

Driver Download

How to download HP Envy printer driver?

  • The downloading of HP Envy Printer drivers can be done from the 123.hp.com/setup
  • Now, enter the model number of the HP Envy printer. After that, in the next screen, choose the operating system and the language
  • HP Envy Driver download for Mac and Windows has to be chosen from the pull-down list. View for the given details and click the Download option
  • After downloading the HP printer driver from the 123.hp.com/setup, the file will be saved at the location desired location
  • Finally, double click the driver file and set ou to install it. The HP drivers installation is done, after completing all the prompts on-screen
HP Envy Printers driver-download
HP Envy Printers driver-download

Firstly, thoroughly complete the unpacking of the HP Envy Printer and clear off all the safe packing. Next, fix the power cord to the ends to start up the HP Printer. After that, connect the HP Envy Printer  either wireless or using an Ethernet cable. Follow the on-screen prompts to install the ink tanks and to load papers. Finally, once complete with the initial setup, print the alignment page

The below procedure can help to HP Envy E-print Setup. At first, on the web services. for touchscreen display: on the HP printer control panel, tap the HP e-print icon. for text displays: from the printer, access Web Services setup, or Network setup and proceed with the on-screen prompts. Finally, the printer email address will display on LCD and there will be an info message that prints with the email address. And now any document can be print via HP E-print

Firstly, to copy using HP Envy Printers power on the HP printer and place the original document on the scanner glass. On the printer Home screen, tap Copy icon. Secondly, choose the number of copies and tap the settings icon for more modifications. After that, tap Back and then tap Start Black or Start color option to begin the copying job. Now, to scan from the HP Envy printer, at first, load the documents on the scanner glass. After that, tap the Scan option and then select the computer that you wish to scan to. Finally, opt for the scanning type and then tap the OK option

To connect HP Envy printer to Wi Fi

  • Turn on the device and navigate to the Settings > Network
  • You can find the compatible wireless connection methods
  • We suggest choosing the Wireless setup wizard, WPS method
  • If Wireless setup wizard is your choice, tap on the option
  • Then start answering the wizard instructions
  • Find the available networks
  • Choose the network and provide the Wireless network SSID, Password
  • The connection will be secure if you wait for a while
  • You can also choose WPS connection method if compatible.
    1. If WPS Pin method is your choice, select the option
    2. Hold the Wireless and WPS Icon on your Printer
    3. Go forward with the settings
    4. The WPS Pin will be generated.
    5. Access the Router configuration utility software
  • Enter the Pin and follow the onscreen guidelines to activate the connection
  • Once if the network is active, proceed with the software update
  • To find and update the matching Printer software, navigate to the software download portal
  • Enter the Printer name and version
  • Find the software search results
  • Select the software
  • Tap on the option, Download
  • Extract the setup file
  • Follow the on-screen guidelines to complete the software installation
  • Add your Windows, Mac device to start printing. The settings to add windows and Mac devices may differ
  • com/setup process is now complete

HP OfficeJet Printers

The HP Officejet printers can save time with the simplest way to print from Android devices or tablets. The HP OfficeJet Pro printers can professional quality print and consist of smart touch features.

General Setup

The HP Officejet printers package consists of the Printer, setup poster, reference guide, ink cartridges, power cords. Do all the essential connections to power up the 123.hp.com/setup. After that, go on with the initial setup such as choosing your language, country, date and time. Next, on the control panel of the printer, tap the Wireless icon. Now, the Wireless Summary screen will appear. Secondly, tap Settings and then tap Wireless Setup Wizard. Finally, proceed with the control panel instructions to get the printer’s access to the network

Driver Download

  • The printer driver for HP OfficeJet can be downloaded from the 123.hp.com/setup. Visit the site on the computer and click the Printer icon first. Secondly, in the next window, enter the model number of the printer in the given box and click Submit. This will direct you to the HP Software and Drivers section. In the Change preferred operating system will appear two drop-down box.
  • From the first box, choose your operating system, that is Windows or Mac. Under the second box, select the version of the OS. Finally, check for the details and click the download button. The driver file will be downloaded in the selected destination. And most importantly, double-click the file to run and install the driver. The HP Officejet Pro driver download can be done with the above information
HP Envy Printers driver-download

To install the HP OfficeJet Printer Setup on Mac, firstly, check for the requirements below. The HP OfficeJet printer must be in on position, USB cable, delink the printer USB cable from the computer. Now, install HP Easy Start from 123.hp.comAfter that, type the model number of the printer, confirm the operating system and download the HP OfficeJet printer driver. On the Mac device, choose the type of connection as USB. Next, from the install screen, ensure that the HP Scan is chosen. And now, to add the printer, select the name of the printer and click the Print Using menu. Under the pop-up menu, click the Add option. Finally, go back to the HP installer to finish the installation process

Firstly, power on the printer and insert paper in the input tray and check for the cartridge installation. Next, go ahead to on the Web services. On the printer control panel, touch the HP print icon and then tap Setup. After that, carry on with the on-screen instructions to on the Web services. Finally, the email address will be seen on the control panel and the information settings page gets print. Search for the HP eprintemail address that is seen on screen and then start printing from the computer, Chromebook, etc

Firstly, to start with copying place the originals on the platen glass of the HP OfficeJet printer. Secondly, under the Home screen on the control panel, tap the Copy option. After that, opt for the desired number of copies. Next, tap the Print preview icon and then tap Back. Thirdly, tap the Settings icon and choose the desired advanced copy settings. Finally, tap Back and go back to the Copy screen. And tap Black or Color, to begin with, the copying job

How to Connect the HP OfficeJet Printer to Wi-Fi networks?

  • Firstly, power on the HP OfficeJet printer
  • Next, on the Printer Panel, make use of the arrow keys to select setup
  • After that, choose Network under the setup menu
  • Now, opt for Wireless Setup Wizard under the Network menu
  • Secondly, choose the Network from the available list
  • Go ahead with providing the WEP/WPA Passphrase fro the network and tap OK
  • Finally, tap OK for settings confirmation

How to Fix the Issues with HP OfficeJet Printer Setup?

The following steps can help to fix the installation issues on 123.hp.com/setup

  • Firstly, make sure that the paper inside the tray is either curled or torn
  • Next, make sure that the initial setup is complete and check that all the package stuff are taken out
  • If one can see an error while driver setup, then delete the features of the HP Printer driver
  • The HP OfficeJet printer Offline issues can be solved by, right-clicking the printer icon and then choose the Use printer online option
  • If the issue persists, then try to reboot both the HP Officejet printer and then try again to install the printer

HP LaserJet Printers

The HP LaserJet printer is created for better business performance and productivity and there are lots of models with new features under the HP LaserJet printer. It can print 10,000 copies in a month and the print speed is up to 24 ppm.

General Setup

At first, all that needs to be is to unwrap the HP LaserJet printer package. Next, check for the essential contents like toner cartridges, setup up poster, a guide for reference, etc. Make all the necessary connecting for powering on the 123.hp.com/setup. After that, move on the with the basic setup like choosing the language, country, date and time. Now, link the HP LaserJet printer to the Network. Similarly, install the ink cartridges genuinely and then load the papers into the tray following the prompts of the printer. Thus the general setup of the HP Laserjet printer is complete

Installing 123.hp.com/setup HP LaserJet printer driver

For Windows

  • Firstly, on the Widows, access the control panel. Next, click the Devices and Printers option and then choose Add a printer
  • And from the Choose a device or printer to add this PC, opt for the printer and then click Next and then carry on with the instructions on the screen to install the driver
  • Secondly, choose the port that the printer uses and opt Next. After that, opt for Add a printer using TCP/IP address or hostname. Now, opt for the Auto detect under the Device type pull-down list
  • Finally, enter the IP address of the printer driver and then wait for the computer to install the printer driver using 123.hp.com/setup
HP Envy Printers driver-download

In the first place, turn on the computer and the HP Laserjet printer. Now, link the printer to the internet and then activate the web services will display on the printer control panel. After that, enable the e-print option. And then set up the email address of the HP LaserJet printer and then choose the services that you wish
Once done with the above steps, the manual to use the e-print will be printed

Firstly, load the documents on the platen glass of the HP LaserJet printer. After that, press the Copy menu button and proceed with changing the default settings. Next, press the Lighter or Darker button and then press the number of copies using the keypad. Finally, press the Start Copy button, to begin with, the copying job


To connect the HP LaserJet printer to the internet using 123.hp.com/setup, first of all, go the control panel of the printer. Next, press the Wireless menu button. And then press the Wireless Setup button and opt for the Network from the list that is available. After the prompt by the printer, provide the password and then press the OK button

Mac using HP Smart

  • Firstly, ensure that the Android device has the same network access as the HP LaserJet printer
  • After that, proceed to download and install the HP Smart app from 123.hp.com/setup
  • once after the downloading process is complete, begin with the installation
  • Next, launch the HP Smart app and agree to the terms and conditions
  • Secondly, tap the Plus sign and then touch Add printer
  • And then touch Set up and add a new printer
  • Finally, carry on with the LCD prompts to connect to the wireless network

How to Fix the Issues with HP LaserJet Printer Setup?

  • To fix the driver installation issue using 123.hp.com/setup. At first, access to the Control panel of the computer
  • Next, click the Programs option and then opt for the driver from the available list. Finally, right-click on the driver and then choose the Uninstall button
  • You can use a third-party program to clear the HP entries from the system before proceeding with the reinstalling process
  • After that, check for the ink levels in the ink cartridges. Make sure not to insert papers with folds or curls

HP DeskJet Printers

The HP Deskjet printers can be used for small business groups to large industrial groups. This all in one printer can copy, scan, print and can print 1,000 pages per month as of its duty cycle

General Setup

  • Firstly, unload the printer from the printer cardboard box using 123.hp.com/setup
  • Check that you have been provided with all the significant attachments of the printer
  • Now, proceed with the basic connection like powering up the printer, choosing the country language, etc
  • After that, the HP Deskjet printer will prompt to load the toner cartridges and paper
  • Finally, the alignment page will be print and that completes the initial setup and install HP printer

Driver Download for Mac using 123.hp.com/setup

At first, head to 123.hp.com/setup and download the HP Deskjet printer Driver by entering the model number of the HP DeskJet printer. After that, reach the HP Software and Driver Downloads section. Now, opt for the operating system that is currently available. Next, choose for the version of the Mac operating system and then click Begin. The Driver file will start to download and now choose the type of connection as USB. Similarly, download the HP Scan and install it. Secondly, click the name of the printer and then click the Add option. Finally, go back to the HP installer to finish with the installation process

HP Envy Printers driver-download

Firstly, on the printer touchscreen, tap the eprint icon. Now, tap the Turn on the button on-screen and this will check for the registration status. Under the Web Services Summary screen, tap the Print info option. And then the printer will prompt you a message stating to accept the print job that has been sent, Tap OK. The printed page will consist of information like the mail address of the eprint and all the steps that have to be done

To scan to a computer using 123.hp.com/setup, at first place the original document on the platen glass. Secondly, start with the scanning process depending on the printer software. Windows 8: right-click a vacant area on the start screen and select all apps and choose the icon that has the printer name. Windows 7, Vista, XP: firstly, click the Start button and then go to All programs—> HP and then select the printer model. Finally, in the printer software screen, choose the print & Scan section
After that, select scan a document unders can and proceed with the printer LCD prompts. To copy documents using 123.hp.com/setup, firstly, start with loading the document on the scanner glass. Finally, start copying by pressing either Start Copy Black or Start Copy Color

PIN method

At first, press the Wireless Button on the printer panel. Next, choose the Start Copy Black button to print the configuration page. The WPS pin will be available in the network configuration page that is printing. Secondly, long-press the Wireless Button on the printer control panel for 3 seconds. And check whether the Wireless LED is blinking. Finally, access the utility or software for the wireless router and then provide the WPS pin. Within 2 minutes the printer will connect to the network successfully

How to Fix the Issues with HP DeskJet Printer Setup?

Firstly, to improve the print quality check for the ink levels. Next, uninstall and reinstall the features of the HP DeskJet printer. Make sure to insert papers that are neat and tidy. Secondly, check whether the driver installation has been properly completed. If not, uninstall the driver and then reinstall the latest version of the hp DeskJet Driver and thus basic steps for HP Deskjet troubleshooting.

HP Printer and Scan Doctor

The HP Print and Scan Doctor is a cost-free utility that enables to easily address most of the printing and scanning issues that are related to the HP printers from several printing problems along with the scanning problems and can also fix all the connection errors

Steps to download HP Print and Scan Doctor

  • Firstly, download the HP Print and Scan Doctor from 123.hp.com
  • Next, run the file that was downloaded on the computer
  • Secondly, launch the HP Print and Scan Doctor app
  • Now, click Fix Printing or Fix scanning, based on the type of the issue
  • The test results will appear with certain icons

The HP Smart app is an application that allows us to set up, scan, print, share and handle the HP printer from the Android devices. This application is exclusively for the HP Wireless printer.

HP Printer and Scan Doctor
HP Printer and Scan Doctor

How to download the Smart app?

Firstly, you can download the HP Smart app from 123.hp.com/setup. Enable the Bluetooth permissions on the Android devices and then add your HP printer

The HP Printer has several Mobile printing solutions such as HP Smart app, HP eprint, Apple AirPrint, Google Cloud Print, Mopria, HP Print Service Plugin, etc. All that needs to be done is to download these applications and print them via a network. These are the HP Mobile Printer solutionsThe HP Printer Setup using USB can be done with the steps below

At first, under the Windows computer, find and access the Change device installation settings. Next, on the Device Installation Settings window, choose Yes and then  confirm the changes bu clicking the Save option. Next, attach the printer to the computer using a USB cable. For that, check whether the computer is on and has access to the network. And now power on the HP printer. Finally, link the USB cable to the USB port at the back of the printer and then to the computer. And then proceed with the prompts to install the driver under the Found new Hardware screenHP AirPrint Setup can be done easily using 123.hp.com/setup

Firstly, check whether the Apple device and the HP printer has access to the same network. And check for the status of the printer network access. Now, launch the application or document that you wish to print and touch the Share icon. After that, touch the Print or the print icon to access the printer options. Similarly, touch the Select printer option to opt your printer. Do the necessary modifications on printing and then the printing job will start

The following steps can help for HP Cloud Print Setup. Firstly, register the HP printer with the Google Cloud. For that, launch a new web browser and then click the menu icon at the top right corner of the screen. And under the Menu icon, choose Settings. Now, from the Settings screen, scroll down and then opt for Show Advanced Settings link. Next, from the Google Cloud Print, click the Manage option. After that, under New devices, click the Register option, again click Register for confirmation. This information will appear on the printer control panel, go through and tap OK

How to fix issues HP Envy printer setup issues?

Let us help you to fix HP Envy printer setup issues. You can follow the instructions below.At first, it’s better to understand the error cause

Printing error

  • If it’s a Printing error, clear the jammed or stuck papers inside the Printer compartment
  • Also do not perform multiple print jobs at the same time
  • Before printing, it’s better to print a test document and verify the settings

Software issue

  • To overcome software issues, upgrade or update the device software with the latest version
  • Check if the network connection is active before installing HP printer
  • Download and run HP Print and scan doctor tool to fix common issues that popup

Internet issuer

  • It’s not a hard task to resolve network issues, check the network credentials used. Disconnect your gadget from the network and connect back again
  • Verify the network settings before execution

Scan error

  1. Understand the scan settings
  2. Check the scanning software used. If the software used is not compatible, find the matching version
  3. Use good quality scan document
  4. Ensure that the cables are connected properly to the Scanner

Commonly Asked Questions (FAQ)

The HP Setup enables you to set up and view other features that are added to the computer. This program is developed by HP

How do I Setup my HP Printer?

Firstly, unbox the printer package and check for the essential contents like ink cartridges. Secondly, power up the printer and install the ink tanks and the paper as per the HP Printer prompts. Next, print the alignment page and check for the alignment. Finally, link the HP printer to the network and then download the driver

How do I Install HP Printer for Windows?

Firstly, in the Windows, launch Change device installation settings. Next, under the Device installation settings screen, choose Yes and save the changes. After that, check whether both the devices are on. Now, link the USB cable to the back of the HP printer and then to the computer. Finally, carry on with the on-screen prompts to install the driver under the Found New Hardware screen

How do I Install my HP Printer Without CD?

At first, access hp.com/setup and download the appropriate drivers. Secondly, opt for the model number and select the operating system. Now, connect the HP printer to the computer according to the operating system instructions. After that, launch the Control panel and then choose Printers from the Hardware section. Next, click the Add a printer option. And finally, choose the HP printer from the available list and print a test page

The HP Scan Software is available with the HP Windows 10 CD/DVD that came with the scanner and you can also download this from 123.hp.com/setup

How do I Reset the Wi-Fi on my Printer?

At first, print the network page. Secondly, long on press the Cancel and print the network page. Next, keep holding the Power button and then press the Network button twice. And then press the Cancel button thrice and print the network configuration page. Finally, release the power button

How do I Setup HP Wireless Printer for Mac?

Firstly, on the HP printer and tap the Wireless icon on the printer control panel. Now, the wireless summary window appears. After that, tap Settings and then tap Wireless Setup Wizard. Proceed with the on-screen instructions to link the printer to the network. Secondly, download the driver from hp.com/setup. Next, launch the installer and double-click the printer model name. Proceed with the on-screen prompts and complete the installation. After that, the HP Utility software opens and in there choose the name of the printer. Similarly, click the Add printer option. And Click Use or Print using the menu to choose the printer name. Finally, click the Add option and then proceed with the prompts on the LCD screen to complete the printer setup on Mac.

How do I Setup HP Wireless Printer for Windows?

After completing the driver download from the hp.com/setup, reach the Control panel on the Windows computer. Firstly, click the Devices and Printers option and then opt for Add a printer. opt for the printer from the Choose a device or Printer to add this PC. Secondly, choose the port and the add the printer using TCP/IP address and click. Finally, enter the IP address and wait for the printer to connect to the computer

Give a call to our technical experts for more queries and information on  123.hp.com/setup


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