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Ease all your day to day professional chores by complementing them with HP printers. Arriving not only with a glossy design & compact size, but also having high performance and enticing state of the art features to streamline all your work in parallel with the growing needs of the market. With improved user experience more than ever, HP suits everyone’s needs and assists to culminate professional printing at the finest quality. No more waiting, get your affordable choice among the latest variants! Move on to for printer setup process and driver downloads.

Available Models

By keeping a focus on customer needs and perspective towards the work preferences, HP offers distinguishing printer models filled up with the different set of features, rather than sticking up to a single printer choice. Choose your right printer model which is ideally affordable one for you and also helps to accomplish the tasks effectively.

The basic categories of printer models are listed out here. Under each model, different types are available with varying features which you can explore on

  • Envy
  • LaserJet
  • Officejet
  • Deskjet







Powerful and Stylish.

HP Envy


  • This is the most prevalent printer among the HP lineup, as this model has the capability to meet both the home and office works
  • Considering the printing quality, size, affordability, envy is still bringing out tough competition even with higher brands also
  • If you are going to take out enough prints regularly at optimum volume, then envy is the right spot for you
  • With vibrant colors, simple and wireless connection features, manage all your documentation works effortlessly
  • Envy printer models are many each of them has unique feature. Select the one that suit all your print jobs

Easy to use and Reliable.

HP Laserjet

Interface Connections


Economical Printing

Paper Handling



  • Unlike the other printer models, this model uses a different printing methodology to draw the ink to paper
  • Practically LaserJet is an appropriate choice for the users, who wants to take prints occasionally, yet on high volumes
  • As the LaserJet uses photosensitive drum technique to print, it can print even after adjourning the works for a long duration
  • As well as quality wise and design, laser jet is a prominent on

Efficient, Convenient and Reliable.

HP DeskJet


Print Cartridges




  • Deskjet is specially made for the for homes and small offices
  • With an average printing speed and multifunction, deskjet can offer quality prints at affordable cost
  • One mentionable thing about Deskjet variant is its compact size
  • Unlike other models, this is designed by particularly focusing on home users
  • You can avail mobile printing, wireless printing, wireless direct, email printing
  • High yield ink cartridges can help to get minimal printing costs

Quality and Speed.

HP Officejet


Paper Size

Video Display

Ink Cartridges



  • As the name itself defines, this is the consummate choice for all the official documentation chores
  • Same as envy, Officejet & Officejet pro models renowned one among the users
  • Coming up from basic copy, scan & fax features to wireless capabilities, Officejet can ease all your professional works
  • This is a great value for money to deal with the large chunk of printing file works
  • Accommodate to various file formats, paper types, and well suitable for high printing speed, easily setup with guidelines

Major features you can avail

Besides printing, HP never fails to incorporate new technologies and emerging out valuable solutions to uplift the user experience.

Following are the fascinating features, which are mostly available on all the latest HP models

Wireless connection mode

  • No more mess up with the number of wires & cables around the printer
  • You just need a router for internet source to avail the easy wireless connection
  • The primary requirement for this feature is the stable internet connection, and your computer and printer should be connected under the same internet network
  • To turn on a wireless connection, just go to your touch screen control panel
  • Under, select the network and click the wireless connection
  • Wait for a while until your device gets connected to the network and start resolving the errors if you come across any

Mobile printing

  • With the help of HP print service plug-in mobile app, you can easily export all the photos and PDF files from your mobile take instant print outs
  • For different mobile brands and OS platforms, the app name may vary, but the functions involved are the same
  • Just install the HP mobile app from the store, and by clicking the share button in the file, you can easily export and take prints


  • AirPrint is the inbuilt mobile printing app on all the apple mobiles to pair with the HP printers
  • Connect your mobile to the same internet network in which your printer is connected and start to print the mobile media files

Instant ink

  • This is one of the prodigious features in the HP lineup
  • As the name indicates, you can get your ink packages instantly right away in front of your doorstep
  • Whenever the ink cartridges are going to drain out, HP printer will automatically order for new ink cartridges
  • So no more conundrums in getting the ink at right times

Touch screen interface

  • User experience and easy functionalities, HP has moved out from conventional button controls to new captivating touch screen interface
  • Just like swiping on your mobile screen, you can easily navigate through all the available printer options

HP printer driver

  • HP offers driver software for each and every printer model exclusively
  • This software purpose is to get a personalized experience and controls for the printer by connecting the computer
  • Numerous options can be accessed from computer which could ease a lot of arduous tasks
  • You can install the driver software using the installation CD from the package or also by direct downloading from the HP support website

Setup Steps

Preliminary Setup

  • To begin with the preliminary, remove all the Styrofoam and wrappings around the printer and carefully remove the printer from the package
  • To power up the printer, take the power cord from the package, connect the small end of the power cord to the printer port and power adapter to the wall outlet
  • Turn on the printer by pressing the power button, that you can find nearby the control panel at the top of the printer
  • In the first place, proceed with the initial settings such as language, date, location and time settings

Secondary setup

For the printer setup (wired/wireless) you should need the following prerequisites,

  • Router for Wi-Fi internet network
  • Wi-Fi credentials such as SSID name and password
  • Computer
  • Printer driver installation CD or download file from the HP website
  • For this connection, the printer and computer must be connected to same internet network

Loading paper and ink cartridges

After turning on the printer, you can get the subsequent on-screen notifications on the control panel to install the ink cartridges and paper

  • Take the ink cartridges out of the package and remove all the coverings
  • Open the ink cartridge access door and match the color of the cartridges to the respective slots
  • Insert the cartridge and give a straight gentle press until it gets locked into the slot
  • Follow the same for all the cartridges and finally close the access door
  • Slide out the paper input tray, which you can find at the bottom of the printer
  • Slide out the paper input tray, which you can find at the bottom of the printer
  • Adjust the paper width guides at first and load the tray with a stack of paper
  • After an appropriate paper fit in the tray, close the input tray
  • The printer will start automatic alignment and print a sample page as trial output

Connecting printer to Wi-Fi/Ethernet

  • Access the control panel, go to the setup options, Network and then select the mode wireless/wired
  • In case of wired connection, straightway connect the Ethernet cable to the available port in the printer
  • For wireless mode, after selecting the wireless option the control panel will display all the available internet networks around the printer
  • Select your network name and click connect to establish the wireless connection
  • If you can’t find out your network name, manually enter the name and other network credentials to accomplish the wireless connection

Getting the printer driver

  • By navigating to, you can find the printer driver software for all the HP printer models separately
  • In the available search tab, enter your printer model name and number and select from the available results
  • Locate the printer driver and click the download button to download the driver file
  • Extract the files and install in your computer
  • Open the driver software and select your printer name from the available list
  • Or else connect your printer and computer using the USB cable and then select the printer
  • By installing this driver software, you can easily overview all the printing activities and network connectivity options from the computer

Basic Troubleshooting Steps

  • Check the ink cartridges regularly and don’t undergo the printing process using drained or low level cartridges
  • Clear all the loosely hold sheets from the tray to avoid paper jams during the printing
  • Access the Settings, Tools and then print quality to diagnose the other print quality errors
  • Always ensure to have a stable internet network connection to get rid of lost connection errors in the wireless connection mode


The information contained in is meant for general purposes only . We do not warrant the accuracy and reliability of the information present here. Users are reproved to use this information at their own discretion.